Pascal Garneau

Founder of Golf 3R, Pascal embodies the passion for golf at its highest level. His dedication to the sport is reflected in every aspect of Golf 3R, where excellence, customization and quality are the standard. As a PGA of Canada professional and expert in the art of fitting, he has the rare ability to understand each golfer individually, and create custom clubs that allow them to reach their full potential on the course. Thanks to his leadership, Golf 3R is much more than just a golf center - it is an unforgettable experience for golfers of all levels. Pascal Garneau is the catalyst for an exceptional golfing adventure.

Jonathan Hivon

Co-founder of Golf 3R and the brains behind our website, Jonathan embodies the perfect fusion of passion for golf and technological expertise. His dedication to providing an exceptional online experience for golfers reflects his desire to make Golf 3R a must-visit place for golf lovers. Jonathan Hivon is the virtual guardian of our thriving golf community.

Mathieu-Charles Pellerin

Fitting expert and boutique advisor at Golf 3R, Mathieu-Charles is the ideal guide for every golfer looking for performance. His passion for golf, his technical precision and his keen sense of analysis make him the ideal contact to find the clubs perfectly suited to your style. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, Mathieu-Charles is here to help you choose the equipment that will allow you to reach your best level on the course. Trust its expertise for a personalized and efficient game.

Maxime Thibodeau

Maxime, notre expert en fitting et réparation de bâtons chez Golf3R, excelle dans la personnalisation des équipements pour optimiser les performances des golfeurs. Sa précision méticuleuse garantit des ajustements parfaits, tandis que ses compétences en réparation prolongent la durée de vie des bâtons. Les golfeurs bénéficient ainsi d'une expérience sur mesure, adaptée à leurs besoins spécifiques. Maxime incarne l'engagement de Golf3R envers l'excellence du service, offrant aux passionnés de golf une confiance totale dans leurs équipements.

Michael Tremblay

Our experienced stick repair specialist, Michel is the heart of our workshop. With years of experience under his belt, he has mastered the art of bringing your favorite golf clubs back to life. His precision and attention to detail make each repair a functional work of art. Whether it's repairing a damaged club head, adjusting length or adjusting face angle, Michel Tremblay is the magician behind improving your game. Trust him to give a new life to your clubs and to help you shine on the course.

Pierre-Luc St-Arnaud

Our multi-talented artist at Golf 3R, Pierre-Luc brings a unique touch to your golfing experience. In addition to his passion for golf, he has exceptional club repair expertise, transforming each club into a functional work of art. His attention to detail and creativity are at the service of every golfer. With Pierre-Luc, you benefit from a golfing experience that is both unique and efficient.

Alexandre Gravel

Our professional and coach at Golf 3R, Alexandre is your trusted partner to perfect your game. His passion for golf, combined with in-depth technical expertise, guides you towards constant improvement of your skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, Alexandre is here to help you achieve your goals on the course. With its support, every momentum becomes an opportunity to reach your full potential. Trust Alexandre to refine your game and develop your passion for golf.

Geneviève Lacasse

Geneviève, dynamique entraîneure de golf des Diablos au Cégep de Trois-Rivières, prête son expertise également chez Golf3R. En plus de guider les Diablos vers l'excellence sur le parcours, elle partage son expertise chez Golf3R, aidant les golfeurs à trouver l'équipement idéal. Son engagement exceptionnel dans le sport et son rôle polyvalent chez Golf3R font de Geneviève une figure centrale, combinant habilement coaching de haut niveau et service personnalisé en boutique.