We offer tailor-made repair and customization services to meet your specific needs. Whether it is to repair a damaged club, or to change the grip, or find the right balance for your swing, our workshop is equipped to meet all challenges.

At Golf 3R, we combine technical expertise and high-quality craftsmanship to guarantee you exceptional results. Discover our workshop today and let us take care of your equipment as if it were our own.


Grip change/cleaning

Changing grip is the art of giving new life to your golf clubs. With a cool, well-fitted grip, you find feel and precision in every swing. At Golf 3R, we are the grip changing experts, ready to help you renew the grip of your game. Discover the difference that grip changing can make to your golf now.

Rod change

Changing the shaft, whether to switch to graphite, metal, or to adjust the adapter (Tip), is an opportunity to personalize your stick for optimal play. With the right shaft, you can improve the distance, accuracy and control of your shots. Discover how shaft changing can transform your game today.

Adjusting lie & loft on your irons

Adjusting the lie and loft on your irons is the key to achieving accurate, consistent shots on the course. At Golf 3R, we have mastered the art of customizing these settings to match your unique playing style. With the right fit, you can optimize your shot trajectory, maximize distance and hit closer to the pin.

Adjusting your Swing Weight

At Golf 3R, we customize each club's Swing Weight to match your preference. Feel the difference with every swing, with perfect balance that gives you total control over the ball. Find out how adjusting the Swing Weight can improve your game on the course today.

Refurbishing your poles

Give your poles a new life with our refurbishment service. Our expert team takes care of the polishing to restore them to their original shine, while personalizing each club with a unique engraving according to your preferences. The result: clubs that shine on the course and bear your distinctive signature. Find out how refurbishing can take your game to a new level.

Personalize your equipment

Personalizing your equipment, thanks to stamping, is the opportunity to put your unique imprint on each stick. At Golf 3R, we have mastered the art of stamping to create clubs that reflect your style and your passion for golf. Discover how customization can turn your clubs into functional works of art on the course.

Shoe Care/Customization

Our shoe maintenance and customization service is much more than simple maintenance. It's a customization of your grip on the golf course. At Golf 3R, we take care of your golf shoes as if they were our own, providing impeccable polish and customizing the type of cleats to match your playing style. Find out how this service can improve your stability, comfort and your performance on the course. Trust our expertise for an exceptional golf experience.